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A Local Photographer Trapped On Mt Everest

A Local Photographer Trapped On Mt Everest 

A local photographer and his party were trapped on Mt Everest following Saturday’s 7.8 magnitude earthquake in Nepal. Charleton Churchill arrived in Nepal on April 21 with a couple from Denver, Jen Dudley and Erik Tappenbeck, to hike and photograph, according to Churchill, the first wedding on Mount Everest with a wedding dress. They truly got an adventure they weren't expecting when the earthquake hit. Churchill said rocks were falling and people were running at the camp where he and his party were staying. The trio said many of their sherpas' homes were destroyed and they hoped to hold a fundraiser for their families to rebuild. On his Facebook page this morning, Churchill wrote after talking to the news media, his wife and family, he finally got a little sleep even with the aftershocks. Churchill says he and his party are safe and will remain at their camp until they have word that it's safe to go down the mountain with all the vulnerable bridges and steep terrain. He says his group is not sure when they will be able to leave, but all are in good spirits. As for the wedding, it's on hold for the moment and the couple and Churchill are working on a new plan.


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