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The ACPC Seeks Input On A Pair Of County Wide Ordinances

The ACPC Seeks Input On A Pair Of County Wide Ordinances 

The Amador County Planning Commission sought input on a pair of proposed County wide ordinances at its meeting last night.   The first proposed ordinance concerns event centers in the County on land designated for open space and recreational uses.  This ordinance comes at the direction of the Board of Supervisors as a way to find a legal basis for the “Hideout” event center, located in the County’s upcountry.   The proposed ordinance was criticized from two directions, with the Foothill Conservancy members saying it would open up large areas of the county to new event center use and thus new development impacts, while the owner of the Hideout called much of the new ordinance unnecessary regulations on his business.   The Commission continued the item, suggesting that either County staff allow the Hideout to make a rezone application or to return the draft ordinance more restricted in where it applied.     The Commission also took input on the issue of short-term residential, such as Airbnb and similar services. County staff gave a presentation on various zoning and safety issues found with such units in the County, and a Pine Grove resident gave a long list of complaints against a neighboring house that is rented out.   The Commission will hold a formal workshop on the issue at its meeting on April 23rd.

Written by KVGC Staff

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