Ione City Council Repaving

The Ione City Council met last night and considered several construction contracts for the City and approved a lease agreement for the equestrian facilities at Howard Park and a garbage rate increase.   A reluctant Council voted to approve a contract for repaving on Castle Oaks Drive and several other City streets.  The winning bid came in at just under $230,000 almost 70% higher than the original estimate for the project.  Several Council members objected to the cost, but facing project deadlines and the prospect of losing SB 1 Gas Tax Money that pays for the majority of the project, cast votes in favor of the repair project.   The Council also voted to approve retroactively money spent on an emergency repair of the Air Conditioning Unit at the City Police Station.   A contract to repair a sewer line was continued to allow more information on the project to be gathered.   The Council approved a lease agreement for J-Bouldin West to operate the City's equestrian facility at Howard park, including the Ed Hughes Arena.  The city will receive $1,000 per month for the first six months and $1,400 per month after that.  The Company plans to make improvements to the facilities and then use them to host various horse riding events.   Also last night,t Council approved a 4% increase in garbage collection rates to go into effect on January of 2020.  The increase would increase the monthly cost pickup for a typical 64 gallon trash can from the current $27.37 a month to $29.64 a month.

Written by Craig Baracco

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