Plymouth Council Decisions

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The Plymouth City Council has reversed course from plans to change its meeting times and frequency. Meeting Thursday night, the Council took up a discussion on when and how often the Council itself will meet. While at a previous meeting the Council directed a move to Wednesday night meetings from the current Thursday nights, this change was abandoned due to the City Attorney having a scheduling conflict and being unavailable on the new night. The Council also discussed a proposal to have just one meeting per month instead of the current two. But the reduction in the number of meetings gained little support, and in the end the Council voted unanimously to keep the current meeting scheduled intact. In other business, the Council approved moving forward with an agreement with providing 20,000 a year for the next two years to improvements at the Plymouth Veteran's Park.  The City will also appoint a representative to the existing park planning committee and devise a legal agreement for how the park is to build and managed.  A range of groups, including the County government, veteran's groups, and the Plymouth Rotary club have all raised money for the project.                                                                                                                                  

Written by Craig Baracco