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BV/AC Meeting

BV/AC Meeting 

Fixing current issues as well as discussions of the future, were both topics at a joint meeting between Amador County and the Buena Vista Tribe concerning operations at the Harrah's Northern California Casino in Buena Vista.   Issues of traffic, police and fire protection were all reviewed at the meeting.   Amador County Sheriff Martin Ryan reported that the first of six new patrol deputies to be hired for the area has completed police academy training, and three more were slated to start training in October.   From the casino's opening through the month of June the Sheriff reports a total of 11 bookings for those with connections to the new casino, including charges of drunk in public, battery, and several individuals taken in on outstanding warrants.   Cal Fire reported that the new fire station next to the casino is fully staffed and responding to an average of a call per day.  Traffic concerns raised by residents were primarily focused on casino traffic, including bus and truck deliveries, taking side roads in the Buena Vista area rather than the roads that have been improved to bear the increased traffic. Casino officials pledged to continue to direct traffic onto the designated roads, but did note that not all traffic in the region came from the casino.   Apart from the massive traffic jam on the opening day of the Casino in April, no other major traffic problems were reported.  The future use of the over 1 million dollars per year in the County's community fund remains a contentious issue.  Given by the tribe to the County as part of the mitigation for the casino, the money can be spent at the discretion of the Board of Supervisors.  While the first two years saw the funds used for road improvements, member of the public called for the money to be used for pedestrian improvements in Ione, or spent on schools, or new community parks, tourism promotion and several other suggestions.                                                               

Written by Craig Baracco

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