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PG&E Zip Code Alerts

PG&E Zip Code Alerts

Pacific Gas and Electric Company has developed a new tool to allow anyone to receive notifications about Public Safety Power Shutoff events, even if they are not PG&E customers or account holders. Although PG&E customers already receive alerts specific to their address, this new tool is also especially useful for tenants, care takers, travelers, and parents of school-age children. Parties interested in receiving PSPS alerts for an address where they don’t receive a bill can select one or more zip codes that they want to receive PSPS alerts about, or select all zip codes in PG&E’s service territory. When a PSPS event is planned for a selected zip code, an alert will be sent to the user telling them how to determine if a specific address in that zip code could be impacted. PG&E account holders don’t need to take any action if they are only concerned about addresses where they receive a bill. Customer information already on file will be used to send alerts to those Customers. Customers are encouraged to keep their contact information up to date with PG&E so they can be notified if their specific location will be impacted. More information about PSPS Zip Code Alerts is available online at  Alerts will be delivered via automated call.  Text and email alerts will also be available in the near future.                                                                  

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