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ASB Talks Impacts Of Recent PSPS'

ASB Talks Impacts Of Recent PSPS'

The Amador School Board met in a special session on Friday afternoon, to discuss the impacts from the recent Public Safety Power Shutoffs on the county’s schools. One immediate concern is the school days lost to power black-outs. A total of six instruction days were lost in the two October power shut-offs. The school board formally approved a resolution asking that these six days be excused from the normal state reporting process due to the emergency. Student attendance plays a key role in the state and federal funding formulas that determine how many days will be excused and how many will be need to made up. The school district’s current calendar has two make-up days, which are typically used for snow days during the winter. The state’s decision will also affect dozens of school districts from all over Northern California affected by the shutoffs. The board also discussed other efforts to address the power shutoffs and prepare for more in the future, such as the district purchasing more generators, or using existing solar power facilities in the district as a power source during blackouts. Also discussed were the possibility of keeping some school sites open during partial blackouts, offering school services off campuses, and other topics like keeping school district’s food supply from spoiling during blackouts.

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