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New Effort To Split California In Two

New Effort To Split California In Two

A new effort to split California in two has issued a “declaration of independence” for the proposed 51st state.  The initiative, which would form a “New California” of mostly rural counties that tend to vote more conservatively, marks the latest in a long string of attempts to carve up California into multiple states.  Backers say “years of over taxation, regulation, and single party politics” have made the state of California “ungovernable.”  The proposal would split a strip of mostly coastal counties stretching from Los Angeles to Napa, branching northeast to take in Sacramento, from the rest of California’s 58 counties, which would then form “New California.”  Tonight Bill Brandon, a lifelong rice farmer and currently vice chair for the Yuba county New California committee, will be here in Amador County.  Brandon will speak at Amador County’s first official New California meeting, at 7pm at 20 Rollingwood Dr Mobile Home Park in Jackson!

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