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Another Scam Hits Amador County

Another Scam Hits Amador County

On March 25th, the Ione police Department was contacted by a citizen of Ione who had received a voice-mail from “Amanda Green” who stated she was with the “Amador County Processor’s Office.” In the message, the caller stated that she had attempted to contact the citizen several times in regards to court documents. Ms. Green went on to state that the citizen needed to call her back at an (888) number to set up a time to meet. If the citizen did not call, Ms. Green said that the “court proceeding will continue without your consent or participation,” and also threatened that a FTA (Failure To Appear) would be “filed against” their social security number. Ms. Green did mention the citizen’s date of birth and home address during the message; however, Ms. Green did mispronounce the word “Ione”. This is obviously a scam call. There is no “Amador County Processors Office”, and even if there were, they would not have an (888) number and would know how to pronounce the word “Ione”. Citizens should be cautious of callers whom they do not recognize. If in doubt, advise the caller you will call them back, and obtain the company telephone number directly from their website, telephone book, or by dialing information at 411. If you do become a victim of a scam, contact law enforcement immediately.

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