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Sutter Creek Suffers From Pandemic Fallout


Sutter Creek Suffers From Pandemic Fallout

The Sutter Creek City Council continues to deal with the fallout from the Covid-19 pandemic, as they discussed both impacts in Sutter Creek and to the City’s budget.  Reopening continues in Sutter Creek, as downtown shops have opened for business, and visitors began returning over the weekend.  Uncertainty about when this process continues to leave future events uncertain.   While the Italian Picnic and Parade scheduled for June and the Amador County Fair in July have been cancelled, Augusts’ Ragtime and Jug Band festivals and October’s Chilli Cookoff have not.  It’s also uncertain if the City’s pool will be opened at all this summer.   It was also announced that, $5,000 has been raised from private donates for Sutter Creek business relief fund, to go with $10,000 donated by the City.  The Council also last night worked to address the fiscal impacts of the pandemic, as they discussed which reserve funds to tap, to help make up expected losses in revenue from sales and hotel tax.  So great is the uncertainty over Covid-19 impacts, it was suggested at the meeting that the Council will need to prepare quarterly budgets every three months rather than one for the complete fiscal year that starts in July.


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