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Hunting Certs Move Online

Hunting Certs Move Online

California Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) Officials announced yesterday that, due to COVID-19 related delays to in-person California Hunter Education Classes, you can now temporarily complete your education requirements entirely online. CDFW officials say online-only certification is a temporary solution to allow Californians the ability to fulfill their Hunter Education requirements and obtain a hunting license during these unique times. Before the pandemic, hunters had to participate in a traditional in-person course or a hybrid online/in-person class with a certified Hunter Education Instructor (HEI). Since all classroom instruction is suspended until further notice, CDFW is until then waiving the in-person requirement. Those who successfully complete the course will be able to immediately print out a completion certificate and purchase a Hunting License. As the deadline to apply for California’s Big Game Draw is June 2nd, 2020, CDFW advises new hunters to set a goal of completing the online certification by May 31st, which should allow time for the automatic update of the California Fish and Wildlife License profile. 

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